Crossing Structure Fjord Schlei

The renewal of the EÜ represents the new construction of the structure to the east of the existing structure. The total length of the bridge is approx. 125.3 m and is divided into the approx. 30.9 m long bascule bridge with external counterweight, an approx. 25 m long single span girder adjoining the bridge flap to the north (north foreland bridge) and an approx. 66.6 m long continuous girder over two spans adjoining the bridge flap to the south (south foreland bridge). The superstructures will be constructed as steel deck bridges.Due to the shifting of the new alignment to the east of the current structure, the existing embankments to the north and south of the bridge structure will have to be widened.The state road 283 and the DB line will be routed in common position and gradient over the Lindaunis bascule bridge. The track - here the Eckernförde- Süderbrarup section - will be shifted parallel from the old bridge to the new one by 12 meters. The track slewing begins at km 44.2+26.786 and ends at km 44.7+65.127 at the Lindaukamp overpass. From km 44.344 to km 44.632, the track is equipped with a road liner to accommodate the road traffic running parallel on the track.
The new bridge structure will require a new operations building to house the machinery and drive equipment, the control and monitoring equipment, an on-site operations center and appropriate technical and staff rooms. The new building will be located on the right-hand side of the track above the northern abutment. The existing signal box building and the old workshop will be gutted and dismantled. In addition, the LST, EEA and Tk equipment plants will be adapted to the new situation.

Technical data Lot 1: Site clearance/deconstruction
New construction of embankments north and south Widening and construction of embankments north and south
Relocation of the old truss bridge onto the existing auxiliary support New construction of pillars 1 to 3 New construction of culvert between pillars 2 and 3
New construction of deep foundations for the operating building Construction of a temporary sewage tank for the existing operating building Disposal and transport

Buildingcosts: ~26,4 € Mio.
Location: Lindaunis Fjord Schlei