Quay wall refurbishment Steendiekkanal

The refurbishment area extends from the quay wall section (bastion) at the confluence with the Elbe, which has already been secured by a partial pre-fill, to the embankment on the south side of the west bank.The total length of the rehabilitation area is approx. 600 m.The rehabilitation comprises a water-side pre-driving of a back-anchored sheet pile wall construction with a reinforced concrete spar. The walkway and cycle path to be restored is to run along the newly created quay edge again.

Essential services: Preparation of the original site survey with a sounding
Preparation of the construction site
Removal of existing equipment with railings and waste disposal
Dismantling of railings at the bastion with storage and reinstallation
Dismantling of street furniture with storage and reinstallation
Construction of tree protection and securing of information boards in the area of the bastion
Partial dismantling of backfill/embankments for clearing the pile driving route
Construction of sheet pile wall in front Partial demolition of existing quay wall
econstruction of slope connections
Construction of the tension piles from the water
Construction of the backfill of the new wall between sheet pile wall and existing quay wall
Construction of the reinforced concrete spar Erection of the new railing
Filling the cavities below the existing quay slab
Installation of the equipment for the new sheet pile wall
Extension of the existing outlets
Construction of the new footpath and cycle path and adjustment of the terrain
Removal of the temporary footpath and cycle path

Client: ReGe Hamburg Construction time: Feb. 2021 – approx. Nov 2022

Buildingcosts: ~10,8 € Mio.
Location: Hamburg