AKAFA Pipebridge, Svenstrup, Denmark

The pipe bridge was built under the management of Depenbrock Scandinavia ApS and is an important part of the reduction of the total CO2 emissions in production for the end customer Arla Foods Amba, AKAFA.
Design has required the precision of our 3D scans to determine the exact conditions on-site, with existing buildings and the location of the underground engineering corridors and foundations. Complete 3D model of foundations and pipe bridge incl. accommodation, ensured fast and successful installation.
The new bridge construction has a total length of approx. 75 m and connects two existing buildings with production pipes approx. 15 m above ground.
For quick assembly, the pipe bridge is constructed with three main supports and the pipe bridge is divided into five sections with a total weight of approx. 50 tons incl. accommodation.

Technical specifications and key figures:

  • Authority approvals
  • Design
  • Foundation work
  • 50 t Steel and accommodation
  • 75 m long Installation with factory in operation ”plug´n play”
Buildingcosts: 5,65 DKK Mio.
Location: Svenstrup, Denmark