Horns Rev 3

In December 2017, F+Z Baugesellschaft received the order to manufacture 49 concrete working platforms for the Vattenfall project Horns Rev 3.

F+Z owns the patent for the concrete platforms. The precast elements were manufactured on a shipyard site in Stettin. A field factory was set up for this purpose, which essentially comprised the production area for the reinforcement, the concreting area with the formwork and sufficient storage space for the intermediate storage of the preliminary and final products.
The reinforcement cages were manufactured in advance and lifted into the steel formwork in one piece. After aligning the numerous components for the later extensions, concreting was carried out. As soon as the concrete had a sufficient strength and the concrete aftertreatment had been completed, the 125 ton precast elements were lifted out of the steel formwork and transported to the intermediate storage area or directly to the customer's installation site.
The platforms were characterised by a high degree of reinforcement of the design author and a high weight. The workshop planning - carried out in the in-house technical office - met these challenges with practical, constructive solutions.

Employer: GPSL GeoSea Procurcment & Shipping Luxembourg SA.
Construction Period: Dec 2017 - May 2018
Specifications / Main Quantities: Number of platforms 49 pcs. Width x Length x Height 13,8 x 9,5 x 1,5 m Concrete volume 47 cbm each Weight 125 tons each Concrete C45/55   

Buildingcosts: ~ 3,8 € Mio.
Location: Szczecin, Poland