Container Terminal "Predöhlkai" Extenstion Berth 3

In the 3rd construction phase for the extension of Predöhlkai in Hamburg, F + Z was responsible for driving, drilling and soil replacement.

As with the previous berths, berth 3 with a covered embankment was designed as the so-called "Hamburg solution" and ensures a leap of 22.5 m.

The superstructure has a width of about 22 m and is founded as follows: on the water side by a combined sheet pile wall (Peiner double supporting planks PSb 1006 with intermediate planks PZi 675). Inclined hinged anchors (HEA 400) with anchor plates provide the back anchorage.

On land the quay stands on three rows of in-situ concrete driven piles with a diameter of 51 cm. A sheet pile wall apron (La 703 K) forms the end. Further onshore, the foundation was carried out on a series of cast-in-place driven piles with a diameter of 61 cm. This is supported by a jointless crane runway beam which, together with a crane rail on the quay head, has a span width of 30.48 m.

Buildingcosts: 12,6 Mio. €
Location: Hamburg