Expansion of large ship waiting area

The joint venture between F+Z Baugesellschaft (TGF), Aug. Prien (KGF) and Taucher Knoth was awarded one of several alternative bids for the expansion of the Finkenwerder large ship waiting area. The berths are provided for the ships as waiting and emergency berths. In particular, the ships that can only sail on the Elbe in a given time window with large draughts depending on the tide are dependent on these berths. The complexity of the tender lay, among other things, in the fact that the complete draft planning, the bill of quantities as well as the statics had to be produced (Design & Build).


The full extension includes:


Production of 6 new mooring dolphins & 8 new mooring dolphins using the drilling method

Upgrading of the equipment of existing mooring and stiffened mooring dolphins

Measures for the absorption of traction forces from springlines for ships larger than 400m

Partial renovation corrosion protection at existing dolphins

Elimination of defects found during building inspection




Dolphin berth  A

Floodlight system  berth A

Optional dismantling of the dolphin 121

Dolphins 1C

Buildingcosts: 15,5 € Mio.
Location: Elbe Finkenwerder