MV-Yards Wismar – Refurbishment quay 4

Depenbrock Ingenieurwasserbau received on a special proposal the order for the reconstruction of quay 4 of the MV shipyards Wismar.
The refurbishment was necessary to prepare the facilities and infrastructure for the final equipment of the Global Class ships. With their dimensions of 342 m long, 46 m wide and 74 m high, the world's largest cruise ships place new demands on the shipyard's infrastructure. In particular, the high crane loads require a robust quay construction, which must, however, integrate the sensitive existing structure.
For example, quay 4 will be rehabilitated over a length of 460 metres. Extensive test pile driving and sound insulation measurements were carried out in preparation.
The technical processing and the preparation of the statics were carried out by our in-house technical office.

Employer: MV Werften Wismar Property GmbH
Construction Period: Sept. 2018 bis April 2020
Specifications / Main Quantities: Undultion 15,25 m
Water depth NN -12.10 m
Support tubes 1,800 t
Inclined piles 720 t
Filling planks 550 t
In-situ concrete driven piles approx. 100 pcs.
Reinforced concrete approx. 10,300 m³

Buildingcosts: 20,0 Mio. €
Location: Wismar