Dolphin berth „Brücke 3“

At the end of 2014, Depenbrock IWB former F+Z Baugesellschaft received an order for an ancillary offer for the construction of the dolphin berth "Bridge 3" in Cuxhaven.
The project included the construction of five bollard blocks equipped with fenders. They were anchored with combined inclined piles made of tubes Ø 610*16 mm and HTM 600/158 profiles. Five steel catwalks with spans of approx. 25 m connect the bollard blocks and ensure access from land. Furthermore, for the smooth transhipment of cars, a 24-tube pile Ø 914*12.5 mm of precast reinforced concrete access slab with in-situ concrete supplement.
The construction could be optimized by an additional offer. In addition to the new construction of the plant, the existing pontoon bridge had to be relocated, whereby the associated guide dolphins were moved and a new bridge support was created on land. Mooring and protection dolphins with diameters of Ø 1420 mm to Ø 1829 mm were provided to ensure the ship mooring processes. The dolphin berth is designed for ships with lengths of up to 165 m and is mainly used for vehicle handling in Cuxhaven.

Employer: Niedersachsen Ports GmbH & Co. KG
Construction Period: Dez. 2014 - Juli 2015
Technical Data / Main Masses: Pipes 223 t Inclined Piles 100 t
Concrete + precast concrete elements 840 m3
Demolition work Pulling dolphins
Deepwater dredging Corrosion protection 2.000 m2
Electrical equipment Equipment (Bollards, Fenders)

Buildingcosts: ~2,3 € Mio.
Location: Cuxhaven