Newbuild Rugenberger lock

Because of better landside access of the container terminal Burchardkai (CTB) the construction of a second and efficient linkage to the terminal across the Rugenberger Damm to the Finkenwerder Street is intended. Just now access from the Rugenberger Damm is not possible, because the road bridge across the Rugenberger Lock was pulled down because of the interest of safety.
The existing lock chambers and the lock gates were build in 1913 and have overrun their lifetime. A restructuring will be uneconomical.
Beside an high acceptance of the lock (more than 22.000 ship passages a year), a new lock chamber is necessary because of nautical, hydromorphological and harbour planning reasons.
The northern lock chamber will be replaced by a new constructed bigger lock. A new road bridge across the new lock chamber will be built and the southern lock will be taken out of operation. The lock crowns will be dismantled and the chamber filled up with soil.
Consortium with Aug. Prien and Heinrich Rönner.

Employer: HPA Hamburg Port Authority AöR
Construction Period: 2012 – Feb. 2016
Specifications / Main Quantities: Sheet pile wall 3.100 t.
Reinforced concrete 5.000 cbm.
reinforcement 450 t Driving piles 95 pieces.
Dredging 20.000 cbm
Soil excavation land side 30.000 cbm
Earth filling 50.000 cbm
Termination lock gates 4 pieces

Buildingcosts: 18,96 € Mio.
Location: Hamburg