Offshore Base Cuxhaven Berth 8

In the embankment foreland of Cuxhaven on the Elbe a new harbour berth was built to be able to load construction elements for the construction of offshore wind power plants.

The port facility has a port berth, a waiting berth and a power berth, two protection piers and a crane runway with sliding beams for loading activities.

The quay consists of a combined sheet pile wall with inclined pile anchorage (8,000 t) and in-situ concrete driven piles as the foundation of the quay slab. In addition, 640,000 m³ of sand was filled with dredgers.

Within only one year from 2008 to 2009, berth 8 was built by F + Z in a joint venture with Hochtief, Tagu, Voss and Nordsee.

Buildingcosts: 45 Mio. €
Location: Cuxhaven