Port: Rostock Pier III

The scope: Driving of a sheet pile wall with a length of about 1040 m.
Before driving the sheet piles the existing local soil of marl had been exchanged with medium dense sand by using two rotary drilling rigs, working from pontoons, each one equipped with a moonpool. For the intermediate piles loosening drillings had been executed before the piling. The anchorage of the combined wall which was made of load bearing piles and intermediate piles was achieved by the use of hinged anchors, grouted drilled anchors and horizontal anchors.
The newly framed area was filled up to design level by our JV-partner “Nordsee” with about 1.600.000m³ of sand from the Baltic Sea. The embankments were secured by revetment stones and further a service road was constructed as well.
Thus an area of about 10,4 ha had been created which later will be handed over from Rostock Port Development to the company Liebherr, which is having their manufacturing facility for harbour mobile cranes in Rostock.

Employer: Hafenentwicklungsgesellschaft Rostock
Construction Period: 2010 - 2012
Specifications / Main Quantities: Load bearing Piles 522 pcs.
Intermediate piles 523 pcs.
Load bearing / Intermediate piles 7.500 t
Hinged anchors 310 pcs. Raked Pile 1.310 t
Grouted drilled anchors 126 pcs.
Horizontal Anchors 53 pcs.
Pipe Line Construction 500 m
Sand Filling 1.600.000 m3
Vertical Drain 1.000.000 m

Buildingcosts: 34,2 € Mio.
Location: Rostock