Power Plant Moorburg Quay complex

As part of the new Moorburg power plant construction project, two new quay facilities on the South Elbe river were built to supply and dispose of the power plant.

The contract for the new construction of the quayside in 2007 was awarded to a joint venture of F + Z and AUG. Prien through a secondary offer with an optimized quay wall.

The main quay (11 blocks) has a length of approx. 350 m, the side quay (9 blocks) has a length of approx. 270 m. The quay wall structures are part of the flood protection in the Port of Hamburg.

The all-terrain jump is secured by a combined tube wall made of support tubes Ø1420 mm with AZ filling planks and anchored with HZ-575A profile inclined piles. The ramming was carried out with own floating units and equipment. The upper end is formed by a reinforced concrete beam which is connected to a shielding slab based on in-situ concrete driven piles.

Crane runways and other foundations for various structures were integrated into the reinforced concrete superstructures. In addition to the construction work, the technical offices of the consortium partners carried out the complete technical processing for the structures constructed as well as the construction and intermediate stages.

Buildingcosts: 25,4 Mio. €
Location: Hamburg