Power Plant Moorburg, Retaining Wall "Alte Süderelbe"

To decouple the water level between "Alter Süderelbe" and "Süderelbe" and to ensure a tide-independent minimum water level in the Alte Süderelbe, a dam wall was constructed across the Alte Süderelbe.

The project included the construction of the retaining wall (spillway) with lateral wing and Guide walls made of AZ sheet piling profiles with staggered settling depths as well as dredgers, embankment and bottom protection work.

The construction work was carried out as part of the new construction of the Moorburg coal-fired power plant by the operator "Vattenfall Europe Generation AG".

The 75 m long retaining wall with an upper edge at NN +0.50 m consists of pipes Ø1120x16 in grid dimension a=6.25 m. In between, AS 500-9.5 flat sections were inserted as filling panels with the same upper edge. To stabilize the flat profiles and to optimize the discharge of the cooling water, a slope with an inclination of 1:4 was arranged on the active side.

After inserting the support tubes, flat profiles and inclined piles, 1m long tube sections were welded to the support tubes. These so-called beam breakers were arranged over the dam wall to optimise the attack and confirmed by model tests.

The construction carried out here represents a novelty in the Port of Hamburg. The technical processing of the project was carried out by our technical office.

Buildingcosts: 3,03 Mio. €
Location: Hamburg