Quay wall construction KM Dockland North and South

In the coming years, a sustainable "urban village" will be created around Baakenhafen harbour in the middle of the city. In the course of the redevelopment, the 340m long shore enclosure of Baakenhafen harbour had to be rebuilt as a back-anchored, heavy sheet pile wall with rising concrete spar (1.1x2.4m). Baakenhafen is located in the eastern part of HafenCity in the immediate vicinity of the Elbe bridges. The tendered construction work was carried out in a joint venture with Aug. Prien GmbH & Co. KG. Particularly high demands were placed on noise emissions by the tendering party. The contract was awarded on the basis of a secondary offer from the bidding consortium which, in addition to effective measures to reduce noise emissions, also offered significant economic advantages for the client. The redesign of Baakenhafen harbour is divided into the following sub-projects:


Technical data / main masses AE:

Sheet pile steel approx. 1,800 t

Micropiles Gewi 75 plus approx. 140 pcs.

Horizontal anchors approx. 12 pcs.

Structural steel approx. 190 t

Concrete approx. 750 m3

Reinforcing steel approx. 85 t

Earthworks approx. 40,000 m3

HDI columns approx. 60 linear metres

Demolition approx. 2,500 m3

Buildingcosts: 7,3 € Mio.
Location: Hamburg Hafen City