Renovation of the quay wall at Husum building yard

The new quay wall - length approx. 185 m - was placed about 1 m in front of or directly in the route of the old quay wall in order to roughly maintain the size of the harbour area (water area) and to create a common extension line with the neighbouring structure.

The old quay wall - a heavyweight wall founded on wooden piles - was completely demolished to clear the route for the installation of the new sheet pile wall. After the old quay wall was completely demolished and the wooden piles pulled, a tied-back wave sheet pile wall was vibrated in place using a vibrator. The tie-back was done with micropiles running in a protective pipe in the area of the demolition pit of the old quay wall.

The demolition pit was backfilled with sand. In the western area of the quay wall, there is an approx. 8.5 m wide reinforced concrete ramp, which was founded on the sheet pile wall on the water side and on steel piles on the land side. The equipment of the new quay wall consists of friction piles, bollards and ladders, among other things.

Specifications / Main Quantities :
Terrain step approx. 6.0 m
Harbour bottom NN -3.00 m
Wave sheet pile wall 374 t
Piles 3 pcs.
Friction piles 24 pcs.
Micropiles 62 pcs.
Reinforced concrete 25 m³  

Buildingcosts: 1,5 € Mio.
Location: Husum