New construction of the outer main sea lock

The existing lock system in Papenburg on the Ems is being renewed step by step as needed. In the first construction phase, the outer main is being rebuilt. The following services will be carried out for this:
Foundation and dredging work: Underwater dredging in the area of the jetties and outer harbour, soil excavation within the new gate chamber; sheet piling; combined sheet piling; micro-grouted piles in the area of the gate chamber walls, the UW and structural concrete base as well as the cantilever slab at the counter stop; pile foundations in the area of the prefabricated jetties and the gate chamber base; dike end walls; etc.

Solid construction works (in-situ and prefabricated concrete): underwater and structural concrete base of the gate chamber; sheet piling; drive house; prefabricated concrete jamb; in-situ concrete supplement on prefabricated concrete jamb; connections to the existing structure; sealing / underwater concrete in the area below and next to the jamb structure.
Hydraulic steelwork: Gate body (sliding gate) with contactors, upper and lower carriage, inspection closure (dam panels), manufacture and install fixed parts such as sealing stops, rails, etc.
Mechanical engineering work / drive technology: gate drive, contactor drives, silt flushing system, crane and central lubrication system in the drive house, etc.
Electrical, measurement and control systems: in the drive house and control room Outdoor facilities: Pipeline and path construction Demolition work: Dismantling and disposal of the existing sliding gate.

Hecker Bau GmbH & Co. KG today: Depenbrock Ingenieurwasserbau
Client: Stadtverwaltung Papenburg
Construction time: 01/2020 – approx. 05/2022
Technical data / main masses: Sheet piling material 1,500 t Steel pipes 500 t Concrete 1,600 m3 Sliding gate body 300 t (steel and mechanical engineering 28x12x3 m)

Buildingcosts: ~ 18,1 € Mio.
Location: Papenburg