Here we are again!

At Depenbrock Scandinavia, we can't help but challenge ourselves with spectacular projects.

Depenbrock has signed a cooperation agreement with Artcenter Spritten in Aalborg. We assist Artcenter Spritten in making the artwork Cloud City buildable and then executing the project.
Cloud City is a fantastic and complex work of art with a unique shape, designed by Thomas Saranceno. The main structure itself is made up of 68 cubes, and the entire artwork is 40 metres long, 25 metres wide and 35 metres high - so large that visitors can walk around inside the "cloud".
What can Depenbrock Scandinavia bring to the project? In-house, the project team has more than 160 years of combined work experience. Over the years, we have designed and installed a host of steel bridges, movable bridge flaps and spectacular architectural structures that have helped raise the bar aesthetically in the Nordic region.
Family-owned construction company Depenbrock GmbH was founded in 1928 in Germany.

Depenbrock is a large and solid player in the Scandinavian and Northern European markets, specialising in steel structures, hydraulic engineering and all traditional construction disciplines.
In Depenbrock Scandinavia, we are extremely proud that Artcenter Spritten has shown us confidence to solve the task that will certainly, once again, challenge us professionally.

Here you can watch the video created for LinkedIn