The Easter sailing is secured in Helsingør Harbour

A deal is a deal.

Therefore, together with Forsea and Sven Jinert, we have just installed a newly renovated ramp for the Helsingør-Helsingborg ferry route - at the agreed time.

15 men have worked hard to ensure Easter traffic at record speed at the ferry berth in Helsingør, where a ferry leaves every 20 minutes. It has worn hard on the ramp, which was installed 27 years ago. But thanks to strong teamwork, the ramp has now been given new life:

First, the ramp, which weighs just over 100 tonnes, was lifted up with two cranes. The ramp is then landed on supports, and the cranes were removed again. Next, we repaired cracks and replaced steel. The ramp has then been sandblasted several times and given a new roadway surface before finally being painted.

So now the Easter traffic can just arrive.

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