The task force is ready!

Depenbrock Scandinavia welcomes another new employee Finn O. Larsen.

As Senior Supervisor, Finn handles everything from the installation of our Shore-to-Ship installations, including ramps and passenger gangways to the installation of bridges as well as general repair and maintenance work within Shore-to-Ship installations, steel, tank and pipe work.

The car is filled with tools and ready for action. Contact: E-mail: Mobile: +45 21714325.

Many of us were colleagues with Finn in Bladt Industries where he was close to logging his 40th anniversary, mainly in the old infrastructure division which is now closed down. We are very pleased that we have succeeded in bringing all these experiences and competencies into our now 1 year old company Depenbrock Scandinavia and sister company Depenbrock Ingenieurwasserbau in Hamburg under the Depenbrock Group.

Welcome to the TEAM Find and good first trip to the sunny island of Bornholm!