Welcome to our Scandinavian construction team

We're off to a good start in our small start-up team at Depenbrock Scandinavia.

And we look forward to meeting customers and partners - and to introducing more new employees in the coming time.

The trio so far consists of Office Manager Carin Cederquist, Department Manager Søren Kruse Nielsen and CEO Kim Bringsjord.

Carin Cederquist comes from the IT industry and has worked in the construction industry for a number of years, most recently at "The Twist" and Lepsoybroen in Norway.

Søren Kruse Nielsen has worked for several of the major Danish contractors both at home and abroad and has built bridges in Vietnam and harbour constructions in Norway.

Kim Bringsjord has a long history in the construction industry and has many exciting port and construction projects at home and abroad under his belt.

We look forward to an exciting time with lots of great projects and strong collaborations. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)