Race Bank/Concrete work platforms

In spring 2015 Bilfinger Marine & Offshore Systems started the work preparation for the construction of 92 concrete work platforms on behalf of Bilfinger Mars Offshore for the Race Bank Offshore Windfarm east of England developed and owned by Dong Energy AS. The scope of works was the workshop design and the execution of the works at the production premises in Szczecin. Bilfinger Marine & Offshore Systems procured the custom made steel formwork and designed the lifting points for the 102 ton structure. The platforms have been casted in a field factory and provided to the customer. After outfitting the platforms have been installed on the Transition piece. The annular gap between platform and Transition piece has been grouted with Masterflow 9500.
The in house design office of Bilfinger Marine & Offshore Systems performed the workshop design and provided concrete technology support. A thermal stress analysis has been performed in order to prevent damages arising from thermal stress and identify counter-measures. Detailed Method Statements and Lifting Plans as part of the Quality Management have been prepared in the back office and maintained by the own site management on the site in Szczecin.

Executed by: Bilfinger Marine & Offshore Systems GmbH Today: F+Z Baugesellschaft
Employer: Bilfinger Mars Offshore sp. z o.o.
Construction Period: Aug 2015 - Oct. 2016
Specifications / Main Quantities:   Number of platforms 92 pc
Width x Length x Height 11,9 x 8,4 x 1,4 m
Concrete volume 37,4 cbm each
Weight 102 tons each Concrete C45/55
Grout Masterflow 9500

Buildingcosts: 3,5 € Mio.
Location: Szczecin, Poland