Construction of infrastructure at LNG Terminal 1

Liquefied natural gas ( has become an essential strategic element in diversifying Germany’s gas supplies Due to the Ukraine crisis, the necessary infrastructure needs to be established as quickly as possible.
In May 2022 Depenbrock Marine Construction was commissioned with designing and building the LNG Terminal 1 in Wilhelmshaven, with the requirement to finish the works in November 2022.
Depenbrock’s Technical Office optimised the terminal’s design with respect to material availabiliy (steel tubular piles and a maximum degree of prefabrication using precast concrete elements.

The main works performed are the establishment of deep founded handling, fender and mooring plattforms including equipment such as gangways, handrails, ladders, fenders, mooring hooks etc.
Besids the tight construction schedule, there were other challenging factors such as water depths, sea state, current and wind as well as the high masses of the single components (approx 250 t), which were mainly handled by our own workers and equipment and in cooperation with other companies.

The works are expected to be finished according to schedule in November 2022.

Order volume: approx. € 45 m
Contractor: Consortium “Construction of Infra structure at LNG Terminal 1” Depenbrock Ingenieurwasserbau (technical and financial Partner: Kurt Fredrich Spezialtiefbau
( Client: Niedersachsen Ports GmbH & Co. KG
Construction time: May 2022 November 2022
Construction site: Wilhelmshaven
Technical data / main masses:
Steel tubular piles 6900 t
Inclined piles 420 t
Precast concrete elements 700 m³
In situ concrete 2400 m³
Fender panels 6 pcs Slip hooks 8 pcs Gangways: 220 t

Buildingcosts: ~45 € Mio.
Location: Wilhelmshaven