Flood Protection Binnenhafen – Schaartor Los 2

The existing flood protection is part of Hamburg's current flood protection line from the 1960s. The area of the construction measure was designed for a design water level of NN + 6.70 m plus approx. 30 cm freeboard.   In accordance with the guideline for the calculation and determination of target heights in public flood protection, the flood protection is adapted to the current design water levels. A target height of >= 7.60 m applies to the area of the construction project.

The new flood protection structure has been raised to meet the new requirements and also moved further into the Elbe. This allows the new Alster footpath to pass underneath the Niederbaum bridges.  The foundation was made using a sheet pile wall anchored back at the head with grouted piles. After silt dredging and soil filling, the concrete structure was built in five sections. Onshore large-diameter bored piles and onshore grouted piles were constructed.

The concrete structure contains, among other things, the approach and stop piers for the flood protection gates, which can be moved in front of the two Niederbaum bridges in the event of a storm surge. The existing eastern and western Niederbaumbrücke bridges were integrated and a connection to the Otto Sill Bridge was created.A square and an inviting staircase have been created next to the western Niederbaumbrücke, inviting visitors to linger and take in the harbour and Hafencity. The footpath to the bridge was widened by a steel construction.   The joint venture was realised together with HOCHTIEF Solutions AG, Civil Engineering Marine and Offshore.

Buildingcosts: 5,9 € Mio.
Location: Hamburg