Harbour extenstion port Odessa

Harbour extension (container terminal with two ship mooring berths) in Port Odessa.The backfilling of the land side of the container quays was carried out by creating a reclamation dredging area and thus gradually raising the level of the land. The container quay has two ship mooring berths. Length of the two ship mooring berths: 650 m, water depth -16.00 m. Length of the new pier and shore line: approx. 1,116.5 m

Technical data / main quantities: Load-bearing piles PSp 1035S/25, length up to 45.6 m  362 Pile infills PZi 612/21, length up to 26.0 m  361 Tubular piles, diameter 1220 mm, length up to 45.2 m  350 Total 21,906 t steel

Equipment used: Equipment pontoon "KURT" 50 x 22 m
Tracked cable excavator LIEBHERR HS 895 HD (250 t), 55 m boom
Tracked cable excavator LIEBHERR KH 850-3 (150 t), 42 m boom
Diesel hammer DELMAG D62-22 Vibrator MÜLLER MS-62 HFV

Buildingcosts: 8,0 € Mio.
Location: Odessa, Ukraine