New construction Berth 10, ferry port

Key features of the contract: Construction of a quay complex as a pile wall with an integrated platform for heavy loads on the land side Quay equipment like ladders, fenders, barge mooring fixtures and double bollards, fender system etc.

Backfilling and dredging of the berth Creation of a slope stabilization at the end of the quay wall As the place is designed to be a transshipment location for the offshore industry, the design had to account for live loads of 200 kN/m². Therefore, a buried 80-cm-thick shielding plate was designed to reduce loads on the quay wall. This superstructure is founded on driven in-situ concrete piles. Due to high live loads of over 5500 kN, the concrete structure and the concrete piles have been reinforced accordingly.

Technical data / Main Quantities:
Tube piles 600 t
Intermediate piles 140 t
Inclined piles 33 pcs.
In.situ concrete piles 65 pcs.
Concrete approx.1.400 m3
Reinforcement steel approx. 200 t
Soil transfer approx. 32.000 m3

Buildingcosts: 4,6 € Mio.
Location: Sassnitz