New construction of leading light line Lot 1 Front light

As part of the project "Adjustment of the fairway of the Lower and Outer Elbe", F+Z Baugesellschaft (today Depenbrock IWB) built a landside abutment and the deep foundation for the steel tower of the front light for the HPA.

The landside abutment serves as a support for an approx. 22m long access bridge to the front light. It consists of steel sheet piles, which are inserted into the slope area and supplemented with reinforced concrete (base, chamber walls, support benches) (slope stabilisation).

The deep foundation of the sub-fire is located approx. 30m downstream of the slope edge and is designed as a circular cellular cofferdam with 11 supporting pipes. The upper end at approx. +3.50mNN is formed by a reinforced concrete slab on which the steel tower is placed.

Buildingcosts: 5,2 Mio. €
Location: Hamburg, Blankenese