Serial production facility for offshore foundations

Bilfinger Mars Offshore was a joint venture between Bilfinger and MARS Investment Fund, managing a portfolio of companies in the shipyards and steel structure offshore industry. In the middle of 2012 BMO started the construction of a new serial production facility for offshore foundations, as jackets and transition pieces on Gryfia Shipyard island in the Odra river in Szczecin, Poland.

Since middle of 2015 BMO is producing transition pieces (TPs) and soon the production of Jackets will follow, including also other steel structures for the wind power industry using the latest mass manufacturing techniques.

Especially for the loadout of these large and heavy components onto ocean-going pontoons, a giant gantry crane is needed to pick-up the components from the land-based storage area. The crane which has a working hook height of up to 95 meters, is capable to lift up to 1400 metric tons and can also tilt its cargo from horizontal into vertical position. It spans across a newly built 42m wide harbour basin for loading and unloading vessels.

Share in BMO:
Bilfinger Marine & Offshore Systems GmbH
– 62,5% MARS Investment Fund – 37,5%

Construction period: 06/2012 – 03/2016

Buildingcosts: ~120 € Mio.
Location: Szczecin/Poland