Marine Engineering: Extension Mole 2

The lighthouse „Mole“ will be moved about 50 m westwards. The existing pierhead will damaged on a length of about 25 m and a 75 m long pier construction will be build.   The work includes following components and measures:   Survey works; Bulkhead as combined wall build of HZM 680 with AZ 26-700 with mounted steel waling and access jetty at the passages between old and new Mole.   Diagonal anchoring with bored injection piles Ø 63,5 mm   Bulkhead as combined wall build of piles with Ø 1420 mm and injected piles AZ 26-700 with diagonal anchoring by combined piles Ø 711 mm with PSt 600 with a length of about 64 m   Foundation of the lighthouse consisting of 3 tubes Ø 914 mm and pilecap.   Dolphin row with piles from Ø 1220 up to 1626 mm in front of the supporting structure.   Access jetty made of steel, width 1,20 m with railing on both sides.   Damage, transport and storage of the old lighthouse including granite base; grounding and lightning protection .

Employer: WSA Brunsbüttel
Construction Period: 2012 - 2013
Specifications / Main Quantities: Bulkhead 16 m Mole 75 m
Top of Mole NN +3,65 m
Harbour bottom NN -14,00 m
Calculation sole NN -17,00 m Load bearing- / injected piles 950 t
Dolphins 660 t

Buildingcosts: 5,44 Mio. €
Location: Brunsbüttel