Traditional Hanseatic brand with high competence

Historisches Foto einer beweglichen Seebrücke von F+Z Hamburg
Seebrücke Göhren auf Rügen - 1909 - historisches Foto von F+Z Hamburg
Historisches Foto mit Bündeldalben aus Otterndorf von 1912 - F+Z Hamburg

As one of the most important regional industry groups, the Depenbrock Group has more than 90 years of company history. Depenbrock Bau originates from Ostwestfalen-Lippe, Germany.

It was here that Karl Depenbrock founded his freight company with horse and cart in 1928. Since then the freight company has grown into a construction company operating throughout Europe, with approx. 1,300 employees and a turnover of approximately 600 million euros, family-run by the third and fourth generations. The Depenbrock Group offers all services related to construction and is represented at 15 locations in Germany, Poland and Denmark.

The group's success is due to its courage to change and its willingness to venture into new regions and business fields. Initially, the freight company was expanded to include activities of building materials and coal trading, even before the civil engineering company Karl Depenbrock & Sohn was founded in 1961. Future-oriented and with foresight, the business activities were expanded in the 1980s to include engineering, industrial and turnkey construction.

In the 90s, the building construction and turnkey construction sectors were strengthened by the founding of additional companies. In 2005, the first Depenbrock subsidiary outside Germany was founded in Poland. Depenbrock ventured into new fields of activity in 2012 and 2017 with the takeover of two companies from the civil and water engineering sectors: the two traditional companies Hecker Bau from Hatten and F + Z Baugesellschaft from Hamburg, which both have been active in the market for over 150 years.

From January 2021, both divisions merged with the Depenbrock Group to form Depenbrock Ingenieurwasserbau GmbH & Co. KG. With this competence united in one company, March 2021 Depenbrock takes a further step towards growth and establishes Depenbrock Scandinavia with location in Aarhus, Denmark. From Scandinavia, we handle projects in the entire Baltic Sea Region within harbour construction, civil and water engineering in cooperation with Depenbrock Ingenieurwasserbau.