Reconstruction Jetty 5 Plus Skandinavienkai

Jetty 5 must be adapted for a new generation of ships For this purpose, the Lübeck Port Authority initiated a partnership based negotiation procedure with an upstream tendering competition.
The new quay is located on the landward side of the existing quay wall, so that the ships have more water area available for manoeuvring.

During the partnering phase, the most economical and technically best design was developed together with all parties involved. Despite the general price increases in the material segment, the budget was adhered to by optimising the design. A dissolved wall of pipes and sheet piles with horizontal anchors and anchor plates was constructed. Due to the difficult subsoil conditions and the existing anchors of the old construction, soil replacement drilling was carried out in the driving line. The dismantling of the old facilities resulted in a considerable amount of demolition material The aim was to recycle as much of the material as possible in order to save landfill space.

The construction work took place during ongoing operations on the Scandinavian quay in the area of LP 5 and 4 Additional bollard foundations were built here for the new ships.

Executed by : JV Skandinavienkai Züblin technical leader 50%) Depenbrock ( commercial leader 50%) Employer: Hansestadt Lübeck
Construction time: 2020 approx . 2022

Specifications / Main quantities Foundation
steel 2.350 to
RI piles: 300 to
Clearing drilling 400 Stk.
Horizontal anchor 75 Stk.
Earthmoving 38.000 m³
Dredging 40.000 m³
Reuse soil 60.000 to
Concrete 1.820 m³
Concrete demolition 2.000 m³
Steel demolition 380 to
Surface stabilisation 10.000 m²
Equipment work Pipeline excavation pit DN 1200/ DN 400

Buildingcosts: ~20,2 € Mio.
Location: Lübeck - Travemünde