Cruise Center 3

In 2015 a third cruise terminal was built by HPA Hamburg Port Authority AöR on the former Ellerholzterminal/Steinwerder at the Kronprinzenkai (Crown Prince Quay).

The subject matter of this contract, which was awarded to F+Z Baugesellschaft (BMOS), was the delivery and installation of a fender system as well as the construction of mooring dolphins with a steel access footbridge.

For the construction of the fender system a variant solution planned by F+Z Design department was awarded. The construction consists of a fender board made of 11 HZ880MC profiles and laterally arranged guiding tubes, which allow the floating fenders with a diameter of Ø 3,30m to follow within the tidal range.

Along the Kronprinzenkai a total of five fenders were arranged. For having an additional dolphin as mooring possibility a reinforced concrete platform founded on four tubes Ø1620 was installed. The platform was equipped with a quick release triple mooring unit (traction 3 x 500 kN). For access to this mooring unit a 22m long steel footbridge was built.

Specifications / Main Quantities:
HZ 880M C Profile: 300,0 t
Tubes Ø1620: 90,0 t
Steel access footbridge: 7,5 t
Concrete: 50,0 m³

Buildingcosts: 1,5 € Mio.
Location: Hamburg