Replacement of demagnetisation facility

On 7 November 2012 the water construction engineering division of Bilfinger Construction GmbH was part of a bidding consortium (partners: F+Z Baugesellschaft mbH, TGF, 55%, Aug. Prien und Tiefbau GmbH Unterweser) which was awarded the contract for the construction of the submarine demagnetisation facility in Kiel-Friedrichsort. The contract was for a secondary proposal.

The new plant was to provide magnetic measurement, demagnetisation, measurement and adjustment of ferro-magnetic ships (submarines) up to 180 m in length, 25 m in width and with a draught of up to 9 m. The newly constructed demagnetization facility is to be approx. 300 m from the shore. The water depth here is between 10 and 13 m. The exterior dimensions of the plant are approx. 90 x 250 m (approx. 22,500 m2).
In return, the existing facility which is no longer large enough must be demolished and removed.   The ship units to be measured will either be towed over the demagnetization plant or will move into position under their own power. In the simulation of roll measurements, the units must be tied in place above the plant. The necessary fastening systems for this purpose must be provided.
The technical measurement and simulation features in the simulator consist of a coil system and two rows of probe sensors. The necessary energy supply systems are part of the contract. The laying of the cables (under water) will be the subject of a later tender process.   Consortium with Aug. Prien und Tiefbau GmbH Unterweser.

Employer: WSA Lübeck
onstruction Period: 2012-2020
New construction: Displacement bore piles Ø 85 with integrated prefabricated concrete parts 40/40 cm ~7,500m In-situ concr. piles Ø 76 cm ~ 1,030m GRP reinforcements ~ 56t Fastenings ~ 28t (a-magnetic) PE cable ducts ~ 3,950m Steel tubes as aux. piles ~ 500 t Basralocus wooden piles ~ 280m3 50/50 cm Sawn timber ~ 450m3 Basralocus/Bongossi/oak HDPE pipes ~ 480m Fastening cables ~ 1,000m Demolition: Wood from underwater foundings ~ 655T PE ducts ~ 500m E cables Ø20 mm ~ 24,000m

Buildingcosts: ~26,8 € Mio.
Location: Kiel-Friedrichsort