Flood protection Cuxhaven

The existing dike line will be shortened and at the same time adapted to a higher level of protection. On land, this will be achieved by concrete structures, wave sheet piling and the installation of storm surge gates. In the water, 2 harbour basins will be provided with a combined sheet pile wall at the front.

Technical data / main masses:
combined sheet pile wall HZ 1080 M / AZ 18-10/10; tied back
Length up to 30.00 m 1.500 to
Wave sheet pile wall PU 12-10/10 400 to
inclined piles L = 35-43 m from the water 249 to
inclined piles L = 10 m from land 120 to
In-situ concrete driven piles Ø = 62 cm, L = 24 m, executed by NU 28 pcs.
Concrete 6.000 cbm
Reinforcing steel 1.000 to
HWS gates 50 to

Buildingcosts: 11,8 € Mio.
Location: Cuxhaven