Cooling water removal building – Power plant Moorburg

In the process of the construction project „Power Plant Moorburg“ a bigger cooling water removal building was necessary.
In the protection of the water side sheet pile wall the inlet openings of the removal building have been lowered. The inside of the building is completely rebuilded and adjusted to the hydraulic requirements. All concrete surfaces were repaired and the technical equipment was renewed.

Own performance: sheet pile wall works and reinforced concrete works and technical equipment with Passavant-Geiger as corporate work.

Subcontractor-Services: Concrete demolition, concrete renovation, HDI-works, earthworks and laying of reinforcing steel.

Executed by: Depenbrock Ingenieurwasserbau Vormals F+Z Baugesellschaft
Employer: Vattenfall Europe Generation AG
Construction Period: 2008 - 2013

Buildingcosts: 21,0 € Mio.
Location: Hamburg